Here is the compilation video of a month of AWESOMENESS! Thank you to all who supported this project!


All of us are touched by developmental disabilities. Each day in November, we’ll be posting pictures of the people we serve, their friends and family and the professionals who work with them. We’ll ask them to finish the sentence, “I am…” to see how each person is an integral part of our community.

“I am…Friendly” – Brittany has a smile ready for anyone who comes along. Her loving heart shows through her eyes and her friends say she is a great friend! #iAmAwesome

“I am…a Singer and Dancer” – Hillary’s staff at the Creative Day Program say that not a song comes on the radio that Hillary doesn’t know. She loves dancing, music and always remembers to ask how everyone’s family is doing. #iAmAwesome

“I am…Strong” – Suzie loves to talk about her family—especially her new niece! She gets out to all the shows (has been caught dancing with the entertainers at the @BransonMill a time or two) and loves her friends and family dearly. #iAmAwesome

“I am…a Team Player” – Even though Cathy Brown serves as the Director of Case Management for Developmental Connections, she knows it takes several people to make things happen for the clients she and her team serve. “The team is on equal playing ground,” Brown said, “With the client and their family leading the team.” #iAmAwesome

“I am…Career-Minded” – At Cedar Creek Coffee in Branson, MO some of their workers are young, some older, some have disabilities and some do not. Together they create “Special blends made by special hands.” Through their community employment program, Cedar Creek employees are part of the area workforce, employed at Pointe Royal, Silver Dollar City and many other local businesses. (Pictured (L-R): Luke, John, Dewayne, Tim and Kelly) #iAmAwesome

“I am…Ducky” – Ryan, Brandon and Derek have a great friendship at work at Tantone and as their alter-egos from Duck Dynasty! Their big hearts and great sense of humor is why they are AWESOME! #iAmAwesome

“I am…Proud” – Susan Miles, Director of Champion Athletes of the Ozarks is proud to know each of the individuals in Taney County that are participating in the Champion Athletes program. Miles says, “They make my day better and my life fuller.

“I am…a Singer and Dancer” Hillary is a great friend, never forgets to ask everyone about their family and there isn’t a song that comes on the radio that she doesn’t love and want to sing and dance along to! #iAmAwesome

“I am…Inspired by others” – Eddie works hard at the City of Branson Recycle Center and the customers and staff love him! Friendly, outgoing, wonderful…all words that his friends use to describe him. person, he looks to other people for inspiration. He takes positive energy from his surroundings; he’s a super-happy guy. Eddie is a jokester (in addition to being a hard worker) and makes everybody feel better when he’s around.

“I am…Making a difference” – Jan Goodman is the QDDP for our Creative Day Services. She works with about 25 adults who need a little extra support throughout the day, and feels that when she can put all her energy, knowledge and time into helping others she has made a difference in their life—whether for a moment or alifetime, it makes a difference to that person, and to Jan.

“I am…Serving my community” – Connell Insurance has made a tradition of serving Thanksgiving lunch to the employees at Tantone Industries. For 12 years, Tim Connell has brought the spirit of community that he cultivates at his business to this day at Tantone. Tim has served on our Board of Directors and his son Brendan has been a valued employee for the past 5 years. A big Thank You to the Connell Team!

“I am…Ready for the good times” – Daniel is getting ready for basketball season at College of the Ozarks! He loves attending the clinic and learning from the basketball players and seeing the cheerleaders cheer him on.

“I am…Rewarded” – As the Director of Cedar Creek Coffee, Raeanne Zurn spends her days working with her crew of adults with disabilities as they roast and package coffee. She and her team also provide vocational support as the employees seek and maintain jobs in the community. Raeanne knows that she is a guiding force in their lives, but she is the one who feels most rewarded every day.