About Us

What We Do and Why

Dignity Now, Inc. was formed in 2009 by the Taney County Board for the Developmentally Disabled (Developmental Connections) to specifically serve children with developmental disabilities. Historically, the development of resources and programs for children with developmental disabilities has been underfunded in our service area. It is our mission to be the central source of information, recommendations and supports specifically related to the needs of families of children with developmental disabilities in Taney, Stone and Ozark counties. By providing services that fill the gap between those provided by publicly funded state, county and local agencies, we are able to assist families with additional educational, recreational, health and safety and respite care needs.

Currently, we fund scholarships for children to attend Camp Barnabas and Wonderland Camp and Horseback Riding Therapy, provide Music Therapy classes and Project Lifesaver tracking bracelets for children who are at risk for wandering off due to cognitive disabilities.

We seek to develop additional programming to include a summer day program, nutrition classes and Project MOVE, and wish to increase our funding of our current programs.

In addition to the children and adults that we have been able to serve since our inception in 2009, we have a waiting list of nearly 50 families that would gratefully welcome to opportunity benefit from Dignity Now as soon as resources are available.

Our parent organization, Developmental Connections, has been serving Taney, Stone and Ozark counties through Case Management, Sheltered Workshop, Adult Day Programs and Housing for adults with developmental disabilities for over 30 years. Developmental Connections is a political subdivision of Taney County and receives funding through county tax, Medicaid and grants. This funding is reserved for adults over the age of 18.

Dignity Now is a not-for-profit (501(c)3) and receives administrative support from Developmental Connections. Donations to Dignity Now, Inc. are tax deductible.

Please visit the Developmental Connections website for information on eligibility for services.